Super Women

is a “Back to Job” training program for women engineers with prior work experience. We train women engineers who took a break from their careers for maternity. Women need freedom and support from the society to decide how they plan their careers around child birth. Sometimes it is difficult to get back to a job after a maternity break. We want to be a solution to this problem.

Not a regular training program

We help you with the transition by adjusting the work around your life, not the other way around. We also train you on the new tools and technologies to get you back on your feet.

Do you have flexible work options?

We support part time work to enable more women to leverage SuperWomen program. You can also share a job with your friend or a colleague. When you share the job, you share the work, and the salary.

When does the program start?

Since this is highly tailored to each woman, you can start any time. There is no cohort.

How does the SuperWomen program work?

Getting back to full time work from a full time break can be a stressful transition. After initial subject-matter training, you will be placed in a real project to help get you back to working with a team and collaborate. Project based learning is the best way to acquire job skills. Mentoring by industry veterans helps you get there quickly.

1. Send us your resume at

2. We will interview to evaluate your suitability to the program

3. We will train you for 3 months

4. You are placed in a project